Cataract Surgery with State of the Art Equipment

The OPD III has arrived
So you might be asking yourself, just what is the OPD III? Well it is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment to better serve our patients electing to have cataract surgery. Actually it is 5–count them–FIVE, devices combined in one unit. The OPD III is a Keratometer, Pupilometer, Corneal Topographer, Auto Refractor and Wavescan Aberrometer. Okay, so the names of the devices probably mean very little to most people. The important item to take away here is that all of these devices provide data used in calculations for determining your implant lenses.

With the OPD III we can capture all the data in one quick measurement to not only choose the best power for the patient but also the best lens for the patient based on many varying factors. This can produce multiple points of data and calculations in 10 seconds per eye.
The OPD III will show us the visual center of the eye as well as the physiologic center of the eye. This is important for anyone electing to have a multifocal implant lens to reduce your dependency on eyeglasses after surgery. If there is too much difference between the measurements you may not be a candidate for that implant lens.

The OPD III will show you a retro-illuminated image of the lens inside the eye. It can also generate an image simulating what your vision would be without correction as well as with correction. In addition if you have astigmatism (which is an irregular curvature of the cornea) on the very front part of the eye, you may want to consider treating at the time of surgery. There is a simulated image showing you the difference in your vision with the astigmatism correction or how your uncorrected vision would be if you elect not to correct your astigmatism at the time of surgery. Astigmatism can be treated at the time of surgery with the Femto second laser or with a Toric implant lens. With the precision of the OPD III measurements we can also determine not only if you are a candidate for a toric implant lens but which lens will suit your specific eye best based on the implant lens specifications and your measurements.
At Summit Eye Care we are dedicated to providing you with great service. I believe strongly that by continuing to invest in new technology and embracing the advances in surgical techniques I will be able to continue providing you with the very best eye care. I look forward to seeing you in the coming year. If you or someone you love has cataracts and wants to know which lens would be your best option, please give my office a call 336-765-0960.

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