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The single best way to avoid eye infections is to follow proper lens care guidelines as prescribed by your eye care professional

Are Contact Lenses right for you or your child?

Contact Lenses: Are They Right for You or Your Child?

Have you been told before that you cannot wear contact lenses? Contact lenses are a terrific alternative to glasses and offer many benefits over glasses. By offering more natural vision, they help to reduce peripheral distortions that glasses may create, reduce glare, and promote safer driving at night. Contact lenses are quite safe and can […]

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Contact Lens Risks

A skilled and capable ophthalmologist should offer patients a great number of optical services, including contact lens care. Dr. Vic Khemsara understands that many patients view contact lenses as a more convenient vision correction option than glasses, and he offers a wide range of contact lens care services to make sure his Greensboro-area patients get […]

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