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Local Clemmons patient with 20/70 vision in danger of losing driver’s permit. Local surgeon performed cataract surgery, and patient now has 20/25 vision and his independence has been restored and driver’s permit has been renewed! Local Winston-Salem citizen who experienced sudden vision loss had sight restored after retinal detachment surgery performed by local retina specialist. […]

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First Impressions: The Receptionist

The face of any medical office is the front desk as you walk in! The front office is the introduction to patients of where they’re about to be for the next hour or so of their lives. In most cases, 99% of people would prefer to steer clear of any doctor’s office in exchange for […]

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Summit Eye Care Christmas 2016

Christmas: Simpler Times

When I was younger, Christmas was a joyful time. Our tree was a cedar cut from the field near our home.   The lights had to be untangled, and bulbs replaced.  Gifts were very small and did not cost much, as our family was not rich.   My mother would buy socks, aftershave lotion, handkerchiefs for the […]

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Is There Real Love in Today’s World?

As the year comes to a close, I would like to touch on the topic of what “real love” is.  Can we find real love?  Is that possible in today’s world?  I believe real love comes to us through our relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ.  It’s only through this relationship that we […]

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Eye Health and Children

According to the AOA, a child should have a comprehensive eye exam at 6 months of age, another at 3 years of age, and again just before they enter kindergarten at age 5 or 6.   This is important because much of a child’s learning is through their eyes – up to 80%!  Visual screenings are […]

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Indoor Tanning Can Damage Your Eyes Just Like the Sun

Eleven different U.S. medical organizations have joined together to raise awareness of the dangers of indoor tanning, citing rising skin cancer rates, particularly among young women who are more likely to use indoor tanning beds. In addition to causing skin cancer, tanning beds — just like prolonged sun exposure — can lead to serious eye damage.  Studies have […]

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Many residents of Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas are sick and tired of their vision correction problems. Glasses are simple but too-often unsightly, while contact lenses look better but often irritate the eyes and prove inconvenient. Those with such complaints often ask Dr. Vic Khemsara about LASIK. LASIK is indeed often an excellent option. However, […]

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“Send a Friend” referral reward program

We are introducing to Summit Eye Care our “Send a Friend” referral reward program as a thank you to all of our patients who have referred friends and family over the years. Each existing patient who has referred someone will receive a $25 gas card as well as all new patients referred to us will […]

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