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Back to School

Once again, it’s back to school time.   Parents are purchasing all the right supplies, attending open house for their children, possibly taking care of pediatrician visits before the school schedule becomes too hectic.   However, are we remembering one of the most important items in readying their children for the coming school year?    Parents want their… Read More »

September is Healthy Aging Month

September has been designated as “Healthy Aging Month.” Some of us automatically think, “oh, I need to begin exercising, eating healthier, lose weight.” We think heart, lungs and knees. We seldom stop to think, “What can I do to be sure I maintain my vision?” We assume that glasses can fix our vision. However, people… Read More »

Breaking News

Local Clemmons patient with 20/70 vision in danger of losing driver’s permit. Local surgeon performed cataract surgery, and patient now has 20/25 vision and his independence has been restored and driver’s permit has been renewed! Local Winston-Salem citizen who experienced sudden vision loss had sight restored after retinal detachment surgery performed by local retina specialist.… Read More »