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Glaucoma: The Silent Disease

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the world is a beautiful place. No one is thinking their vision or that of a loved one could be slowly slipping away. Our world is unique, with beautiful sights to behold. Dr. Khemsara spends many hours diagnosing and treating patients to… Read More »

Eye Knowledge: Fact or Fiction?

Rumor has it that eating carrots are good for your eyes – ever seen a rabbit wearing spectacles? Ever heard a parent say, “Back up from that TV – it will ruin your eyes”? Fact or Fiction? Do you know the real truth?  Answer the following questions to test your “eye” knowledge. Carrots good for… Read More »

Diabetes: How It Affects Your Vision

Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability to produce or use insulin effectively to control blood sugar (glucose) levels. Too much glucose in the blood for a long time can cause damage in many parts of the body, including the small blood vessels in the eyes. Diabetes can cause vision in your eyes… Read More »

Eye Drop Insertion Made Easy

Inserting eye drops tends to be one of the most difficult, frustrating medications to utilize. We either miss the eye entirely, get a part of the drop in the eye, put it on our cheek or think a drop came out when actually nothing happened.   None of the above are acceptable, as using drops for… Read More »

Christmas: Simpler Times

When I was younger, Christmas was a joyful time. Our tree was a cedar cut from the field near our home.   The lights had to be untangled, and bulbs replaced.  Gifts were very small and did not cost much, as our family was not rich.   My mother would buy socks, aftershave lotion, handkerchiefs for the… Read More »

Contact Lenses: Are They Right for You or Your Child?

Have you been told before that you cannot wear contact lenses? Contact lenses are a terrific alternative to glasses and offer many benefits over glasses. By offering more natural vision, they help to reduce peripheral distortions that glasses may create, reduce glare, and promote safer driving at night. Contact lenses are quite safe and can… Read More »

First Impressions: The Receptionist

The face of any medical office is the front desk as you walk in! The front office is the introduction to patients of where they’re about to be for the next hour or so of their lives. In most cases, 99% of people would prefer to steer clear of any doctor’s office in exchange for… Read More »

Impact of Makeup on Your Eyes

Healthy eyes are pretty eyes, but with the popularity of eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow, eyes become susceptible to the migration of particles into the tear film layer of the eye. One in eight individuals suffers from dry eye disease, a disease causing vision to fluctuate throughout the day, become watery, or have a burning… Read More »

Eye Foods

We have all heard the saying, “Carrots are great for the eyes – have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses?”   If it were only so simple, that would be great. Even though carrots are reputedly good for eye health, simply eating your weight in carrots alone won’t make you bright eyed. When it comes… Read More »

Dry Eye Relief: LipiFlow May be the Answer

With the new year upon us, Summit Eye Care is taking the next step into the future by focusing on Dry Eye Syndrome. Dry Eye Syndrome is a condition that is quickly becoming an epidemic. With smart phones and computer usage, dry eye is expected to increase from affecting 26 million Americans to 55 million… Read More »