Clinic News

We are very excited at this time to be offering some new treatments in our office. I have put into place the ability to test conjunctivitis in the clinic. We can now determine the cause, whether it is viral or bacterial. No more waiting for lab results.  This allows me to know immediately the best course of treatment for the patient on the initial visit.
We are performing allergy testing to determine if the chronic use of oral or nasal antihistamines may be exacerbating a dry eye problem. The Allergy Testing consists of 60 plus allergens specific to our Region. This will assist us in determining if treatment of the dry eye is necessary or if through information and education, we can help patients avoid the allergens to which they are being exposed. The use of antihistamines to treat the resulting allergies has a drying effect on the eyes. Dry Eye Syndrome is a chronic disease that responds best when diagnosed and treated early.
The BLADEFREE Cataract Surgery is going well with many patients benefiting from this new technology. As stated before I campaigned tirelessly for BLADEFREE cataract surgery as it is more precise and can be of great benefit to my patients.  My staff and I will be happy to determine if you are a candidate for BLADEFREE cataract surgery and discuss the benefits with you.
The new combined glaucoma/cataract surgery called the I-Stent often times reduce the need for additional drug therapy for glaucoma patients and can be performed at the time of cataract surgery. This procedure was approved by the Surgical Center at the end of 2013; and as a glaucoma specialist, I am excited to be able to offer this to you.
I am so blessed to be able to offer these services to the patients who come to me on their own or are referred to me from the Optometry community and primary care physicians. Thank You for being a part of the Summit Eye Care family. I look forward to seeing you and assisting with your eye care needs.

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