Custom LASIK

LASIK is a safe, common procedure that many Winston-Salem residents are turning to when they’re tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision problems. LASIK represents a permanent solution to your vision problems, and Dr. Vic Khemsara is thoroughly experienced with the procedure. And now there’s a new, even more accurate and technologically advanced version of the procedure, Custom LASIK.
Every eye is unique, and so is every vision problem. The Custom LASIK procedure allows Dr. Khemsara to use an extraordinarily precise laser in ways that are not possible with traditional LASIK. With Custom LASIK, an FDA-approved procedure, an entire range of possibilities emerge.
The Custom LASIK Procedure
Custom LASIK is relatively similar to the traditional LASIK procedure. However, there are a few differences and additional pieces of technology that Dr. Khemsara can utilize to perform a uniquely precise procedure.
First, Dr. Khemsara uses the new WaveScan® system to create a detailed portrait of your eye. This technology allows your doctor to paint a detailed picture of exactly what your eye looks like and what your specific vision problems are.
In fact, WaveSan is 25 times more precise than the methods used to measure vision imperfections when prescribing glasses or contact lenses. This precision is important and is what makes Custom LASIK so exciting for patients.
This information is then fed into the computer controlling the advanced laser. This allows Dr. Khemsara to create a Custom LASIK treatment that is tailored to the unique needs of your eyes.
Custom LASIK has been approved by the FDA, and like all forms of the LASIK procedure, it has an excellent track record of safety and performance.
If you’re a resident of Winston-Salem or one of the surrounding areas and you’re considering LASIK eye surgery, please contact Summit Eye Care today for more information.

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