Perhaps because laser vision correction is a relatively new procedure, many myths have begun to surround it. Winston Salem laser eye surgeon Dr. Khemsara believes that our patients deserve to know the truth about these myths so they can make their decisions based on fact, not hearsay.

Popular LASIK Myths

  • LASIK is not really surgery – Laser eye surgery, while minimally invasive, is a surgical procedure that can only be performed by an experienced eye surgeon
  • LASIK is not safe – No surgery is 100 percent safe, but laser eye surgery enjoys one of the highest rates of patient satisfaction of any elective procedure. Risks with LASIK are extremely rare and will be discussed with you in full during your initial consultation
  • LASIK is too new to fully understand its long-term risks – First made available in Europe in 1992, LASIK has been around for three decades, and over 700,000 people undergo the procedure every year. New technologies have made the procedure safer over time, and several studies have shown LASIK is capable of producing lifelong results
  • Complications and side-effects are common after laser vision surgery – In studies performed by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, it has been found that fewer than 11 percent of patients experience side effects following LASIK, and complications are even rarer. Most side effects such as glare, light sensitivity and dry eyes self-correct during the recovery process

If you live in or around Winston-Salem, Greensboro, or Kernersville, North Carolina would like to know the truth about the risks and benefits of LASIK, please contact Summit Eye Care to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Khemsara today.

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