Many residents of Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas are sick and tired of their vision correction problems. Glasses are simple but too-often unsightly, while contact lenses look better but often irritate the eyes and prove inconvenient. Those with such complaints often ask Dr. Vic Khemsara about LASIK. LASIK is indeed often an excellent option. However, for those who aren’t candidates for LASIK, PRK can be a solid alternative.

The PRK Procedure

Every eye is unique, as is every vision problem. Some people just aren’t good candidates for LASIK. Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), the first laser vision correction procedure on the market in the US, can provide an alternative.

LASIK and PRK are identical in their goals, but there’s a major difference in the procedure. In a traditional LASIK procedure, your doctor creates a hinged flap in your cornea and then treats the underlying issue with your eyes.

By contrast, the PRK procedure does not create that hinged flap. Instead, your doctor removes the entire surface layer of your cornea, then uses an excimer laser to re-shape the underlying tissue. This means that patients with thin corneas, who are not candidates for LASIK, are much better candidates for PRK.

Patients with very dry eyes and who engage in contact sports like boxing or football are also good candidates for PRK. Dr. Khemsara can tell you at your initial eye exam if you are a candidate for LASIK or PRK.


One of the reasons LASIK is more popular with patients than PRK is that it comes with a much-reduced recovery time. Because recovery is slower with PRK than LASIK, many patients opt to get the procedure on only one eye at a time.

If you’re a resident of Winston-Salem or one of the surrounding areas and you’re considering LASIK eye surgery, please contact Summit Eye Care today for more information.

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