Red Eyes

So you have red eye, awoke and couldn’t open your eyes because they were crusted closed? Will this go away on its own, or do I need to see the doctor? Hopefully the information below will help you decide what is right for you. Adenovirus infections are responsible for 92% of all keratoconjunctivitis cases (red eyes), and appear mostly in late winter, spring and early summer.
This eye infection is most commonly transmitted by fingers. Take into account that the eyelids and the lining of the eyelids called the tarsus are touched around 14 times per day involuntarily and additionally voluntarily during make-up or application of facial cosmetics. Person-to-person transmission of adenovirus is established to primarily occur through the hands.
Adenoviruses are exceptionally stable to chemical or physical agents and adverse pH conditions, this means it can survive on surface for prolonged periods of time. This allows for a high rate of transmission. The virus can live on fabric and metal for up to 10 days, and plastic up to 35 days making it extremely contagious.
The most common complaints of those with conjunctivitis associated with Adenovirus are itching, tearing, burning and foreign body sensation as well as light sensitivity. Below is a picture of the most common presentation.

Because this can be very contagious it is important to start effective treatment right away. Since you treat viral and bacterial conjunctivitis with different medications you need to determine whether the Adenovirus is present. It is often difficult to tell just from the way the eyes appear upon examination.
At Summit Eye Care I am now offering the Rapid Adenovirus test. This test will me know if your red eye is due to a virus. This test is performed in the office and results are available in 10 minutes. This allows me to start the right treatment for you immediately.

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