Summit With Thankfulness

We turn on the TV, open Facebook, or some access other media, and we cannot avoid seeing all the chaos and turmoil in our country.   The news is very seldom about the “good” in our country.   This is Thanksgiving month.   It is a time to give thanks for all we are and all we have.   The staff at Summit Eye Care is very thankful we have a great place to work, we have a job we can be proud of, and we are thankful we have the skills to help people maintain their vision – one of mankind’s greatest gifts.
Summit Eye Care’s mission is to help people preserve vision so they can continue live a productive and sight filled life.   We are appreciative for our patients and our referral sources that make this possible. We are also very thankful for the large network of eye care practices all over the world that provide affordable and accessible eye care.
Our local population, Winston-Salem and the surrounding communities, is very blessed to have the most advanced technology within a few miles to help diagnose and treat vision issues.   More than one billion people globally are not so fortunate.   They cannot afford or do not have access to eye care or eyewear. An estimated 285 million are estimated to be visually impaired which means 39 million are blind and 246 million have low vision.   An estimated 82% are age 50 and above. Of all visual impairment, 80% can be prevented or cured. There are many world organizations striving to improve eyesight throughout the world.   Contributions can be made to further their endeavor.
Locally there are organizations such as the Lions Club.   This group collects and distributes frames and lenses to those who cannot afford eyewear. We have a pickup box in our office, as do other offices as well.   Services for the Blind is a state funded organization that pays for eye care if qualifications are met due to low income, lack of work, no insurance, etc.   Our local hospital has a program, Healthcare Access, to assist indigent people with needed medical care.
Just as important as the large organizations, individuals can provide services one on one.   Each of us knows someone who is visually challenged or suffering from other medical issues. A kind word, an opened door, assistance in a grocery store or maybe transportation to a store, an arm to lean on for support – all can go far to bring a smile to someone’s face or improve an individual’s life.
During the Thanksgiving season and throughout the year, offer a gift of thankfulness to someone in need, whether it’s a donation or simply a “helping hand.”   This is a sign of our thankfulness for our blessings – sight being one of the most precious.
The staff at Summit Eye Care wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving season.   We are here to help individuals, other eye care providers and our community to the best of our ability.

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