Wavefront LASIK

LASIK is an excellent option for residents of Winston-Salem, the surrounding areas or anywhere else who are just tired of dealing with the hassles of glasses and contact lenses. The LASIK procedure represents a permanent solution to your vision problem: many patients see with 20/20 vision and no longer need glasses or contact lenses.. And now, new advances in laser and mapping technologies enable Dr. Vic Khemsara to offer Wavefront LASIK, an even more precise and effective form of the LASIK procedure.

This Custom LASIK procedure, which uses Wavefront technology, has the same outstanding safety record as the traditional LASIK procedure, while bringing along a new and unprecedented level of precision and accuracy.

The Importance of Mapping

Every eye is unique. We talk about vision problems in broad terms, as if all cases of myopia or astigmatism are identical, but this isn’t really the case. Dr. Khemsara understands that the precise problems facing each eye need to be dealt with through a customized treatment plan. And the first step in the creation of this treatment plan is discovering what exactly is going on with your eyes. This is where Wavefront LASIK comes in.

Wavefront is a system for mapping and measuring every bit of your eye. This gives Dr. Khemsara a more accurate and complete picture of your eye, which, in turn, allows him to do a better job treating your vision issues. Wavefront LASIK is all about customization.

The Wavefront device sends a safe ray of light into your eye. That light will bounce off the back portion of your eye, through the pupil and into another device. The light is then re-assembled into a unique pattern that reveals all of the imperfections and abnormalities in your eyes.

These measurements are then displayed on a 3-D map, called a wavefront map. That map, in turn, is transmitted to the Wavefront LASIK laser. Dr. Khemsara can then customize the procedure for your specific needs.

If you’re a resident of Winston-Salem or one of the surrounding areas and you’re considering Wavefront LASIK eye surgery, please contact Summit Eye Care today for more information.

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