What To Expect From Cataract Surgery

Cataracts affect numerous patients from Salem and the surrounding areas. A serious condition that often affects older people, cataracts are a clouding of the natural lens inside your eye. Fortunately, Dr. Vic Khemsara can treat your cataracts using an intraocular lens, or IOL. Dr. Khemsara will insert the IOL during cataract surgery, thus giving you better vision and a better quality of life.
But many patients have questions about cataract surgery and, specifically, about the IOL. What can you expect from your cataract surgery? Dr. Khemsara will walk you through the procedure, its recovery time and its effects during your consultation. But a brief overview of the procedure and the IOL may prove reassuring for many nervous patients.
The Procedure
When you arrive at Summit Eye Care you will be given eye drops. They will dilate your pupil and make surgery a little easier. We will then wash and clean the area around your eye.
Before the surgery you will discuss your anesthesia options with Dr. Khemsara. Some patients prefer general anesthesia, while others like to stay awake during the procedure.
During the procedure, Dr. Khemsara will place the IOL to replace your current, clouded lens. A patch will be placed over your eye for its protection. You will probably be able to go home that day, though you will not be allowed to drive.
Your IOL Options
Dr. Khemsara offers a handful of options for your IOL. Those include:
• Standard lens: Most common option. Gives best clarity at one distance.
• Premium lens: Can give you clear vision at more than one distance, reduces dependence on glasses and contact lenses.
• Astigmatism Correcting Lens
• Alcon Acrysof Restor Implant: Provides clear vision at near, intermediate and far distances. Most patients don’t require glasses.
If you’re a resident of Salem or one of the surrounding areas and you want to learn more about cataract surgeries and IOLs, please contact Summit Eye Care today for more information.

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