Eye Exam



You may make an appointment for your eye examination with Winston Salem eye doctor Vic Khemsara at Summit Eye Care and read this section to understand how to prepare.

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New Patients

As a new patient, you can download New Patient Forms and bring them to our office already completed

Initial Tests

Before seeing Dr. Khemsara, you will have your initial tests preformed by a technician. Some of the tests include but not limited to:

  • Eye Muscle Test: This test checks to see that the muscles that control your eye movement are functional.
  • Visual Acuity test: This test measures how well you see at a distance. The technician will ask you to pick our different letters of the alphabet printed on a chart.
    Refraction Assessment: This is done using a computerized refractor to measure your eyes and estimate the prescription you need to see clearly. Dr. Khemsara will fine tune this assessment during the examination.
  • Confrontation Visual Field Exam: Done to test the peripheral vision and whether you have difficulty seeing in the periphery.
  • Slit-lamp Examination: Dr. Khemsara will use a microscope to examine the cornea, iris, lens and anterior chamber of your eye.
  • Retinal Examination: This exam allows Dr. Khemsara to examine the back of your eye, including your retina, optic disk and the underlying layer of blood vessels that nourish the retina. Your pupils must be dilated with special eye drops.
  • Eye Pressure (tonometry): Measures your intraocular pressure – the pressure inside your eyes. It helps Dr. Khemsara detect glaucoma, a disease that causes pressure to build up inside your eyes and can cause blindness.

Treatment and Followup

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Optometrist performing visual field test – Summit EyecareIn addition to these basic tests, you may need more specialized tests, depending on your age, medical history and risk of developing eye disease.

It is important to follow your eye doctor’s instructions for the use of medications, such as eye drops. It is equally important that you keep all scheduled follow-up appointments.

Here at Summit Eye Care, we utilize the latest advanced technology for diagnostic testing and treatment, as well as taking time necessary to provide each patient with information needed to understand their condition and to achieve the best possible outcome. Contact experienced eye physician Dr. Vic Khemsara today to schedule your comprehensive eye exam.