Optical Services

Optical Department

Happy young woman trying new glasses at optician store - Summit EyecareIf you are in need of new eyewear, or an eye exam, Contact Winston Salem eye doctor Vic Khemsara today to schedule your consultation.

Our optical department specializes in frames and lenses made by the most reputable companies in the world. Also included are lightweight frames and lenses, anti-reflective coatings, sun glass wear (prescription and nonprescription), and sports eye wear.

We also offer photo-chromatic eyeglasses, polarized eyeglasses, tinted eye glasses, anti-scratch coating, and anti-reflective coating at great prices.

Eyewear comes in many different styles and materials. Our optician, Sheila Lirio, is friendly and knowledgeable that will work diligently to assist you in finding you the right choice of frames and lens that leaves you feeling comfortable and looking just right.

Happy woman with salesgirl examining eyeglasses in optician store - Summit EyecareWhen it comes to your glasses, Summit Eye Care is determined to provide each patient with a superior lens designed to meet your lifestyle. We are proud of our partnership with Essilor, which allows us to deliver the best quality lens worldwide.

As the leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of optical lenses in the United States, Essilor was the first fully integrated optical company specializing in ophthalmic lens production, manufacturing, and distribution.

Young salesgirl assisting female customer to in wearing glasses - Summit EyecareEssilor offer the industry’s most technologically advanced lenses including: Varilux, Crizal, Thin&Lite, Airwear, and Transitions.

If you are in need of new eywear, an eye exam or even eye surgery, Contact Winston Salem eye doctor Vic Khemsara today to schedule your consultation.