Amniotic Membrane

Patients that suffer with Dry Eye Disease can often have accompanied corneal damage. The cornea is the clear dome-like structure that sits on the front of the eye. If the cornea becomes damaged, it may lead to discomfort and a decrease in vision. In patients with Dry Eye Disease with accompanied corneal damage, it may recommended that an amniotic membrane be put into place.

As you may already know, an amniotic membrane helps protect the womb and the baby during pregnancy. The membrane has natural therapeutic actions which help the baby develop. This tissue is rich in stem cells, which can promote the healing of tissues in which it comes in contact with.

In the eye, an amniotic membrane is used to prevent scarring and naturally heal the damaged cornea. This may be used for all types of eye conditions, but is mainly seen in corneal disorders such as dry eye disease and corneal damage.

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