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ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens)  

At its core, an ICL procedure is meant to be purely additive in nature. What this means is that your pure lens will stay right where it is. 


No removal will take place. 


The goal is to achieve harmony with your natural eye, not disrupt it. Just as a camera lens enhances the beauty of photography, this option reveals new levels of detail. 


Who should consider this option? 


ICL is a great alternative to LASIK eye surgery in people with nearsightedness. ICL offers a permanent solution to vision issues. 


Suitable for those who are:

  • Between 21 and 45 years old 

  • Nearsighted 

  • Wanting to be contact lens or glasses free 


This procedure may be right for you if you don’t yet qualify for a refractive lens exchange, which happens after age 45.  


Minimally invasive, you can expect a quick return to normal. Talk to your doctor for their aftercare instructions on the expected time for your specific situation.




How it Differs from LASIK

Possible benefits include improved night vision and no dry eye issues which can be a issue with LASIK.

  • EVO Visian ICLs are a good option for people who have thin corneas, keratoconus (a cone-like bump on the cornea), or chronic dry eye. LASIK can exacerbate dry eye, and it is not recommended for anyone with any other eye condition, including naturally thin corneas

  • EVO Visian ICLs do not remove any cornea tissue, while LASIK does.

  • EVO Visian ICLs can, if necessary, be removed. LASIK cannot be reversed.

  • EVO Visian ICLs can offer UV protection, which can reduce damage to the internal structures of the eye. LASIK does not offer this kind of UV protection.


For those who desire a flexible choice that matches their lifestyle, consider an ICL.  Use what your body already has and then improve it! 


Reach out if you still have questions or are ready to schedule your Implantable Collamer Lens procedure or visit the EVO ICL website: Real Life Accounts of Living with the family of EVO Visian ICL lenses (

ICL Surgery - LASIK Alternative

Patient Testimonials

We offer two advanced methods for you helping you see clearly once again, ICL (under 45 years of age) and RLE (over 45 years of age) surgery.

Lets compare and contrast ICL with LASIK.


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